Need More Business?

How many of your customers carry smart phones?

With our QR codes and mobile apps you can increase you business by:

  • Connecting your customers directly to anything a modern smart phone is able to access
  • Tracking your advertising -– maximize your ad dollars
  • Bringing customers in during your normally “quiet” business hours
  • Connect the QR codes to your event calendars or specials either daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Engage your customers when and where THEY are and when they are looking for your type of business or service

With our service you can change what your QR codes connect to as often as you want.

top1 qrcode QR Codes Can Do More

Our QR code links can be changed as often as needed.  Use them in ads, business cards, fliers, brochures, even your front window. You can print in large quantities and be able to change what the code links to as many times as you want. Without the need to reprint!


top2 qrcode QR Codes Can Do More

Track your customers with QR codes. Track effectiveness of your ads. Our metrics will let you see who visited your codes. See where they came from (country and city), when they came in, number of total visits, time and day of visits.


top6 qrcode QR Codes Can Do MorePut your own QR codes on EVERYTHING—boost your ads, your brand,  your business. Codes can be download  it both in vector (EPS) and bitmap (JPG) formats, depending on whether they are to go on  the web or for physical product print purposes (mugs, t-shirts).


top4 qrcode QR Codes Can Do MoreBeautify your QRs online. 100% web-based. Spice up your QR Codes from your profile by adding colors, your logo, softening corners and more.



QR Codes can connect to more than a website

QR codes take your customers directly the content you select, without the hassle of typing in complicated URLs. For example:

  • Connect them directly to your business phone
  • Update sales fliers as often as needed without changing the QR code
  • Play a YouTube demo or video tour
  • Connect to your Twitter, Google+, or FaceBook Pages–engage your customers with your business
  • Include your QR code in your branding on textiles (T-shirts, bags) and other articles like mugs, ID tags
  • Link your customers to your profile on recommendation sites like Google Local, Yahoo local, Yelp, Qype
  • Use your QR Codes on your web pages and in your blogs (WordPress etc)

QR Codes Mean Business was created to increase YOUR business

Over 60,000 companies around the world use QR codes and mobile apps to bring customers to their businesses.  Join them or get lost in their dust!




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